Getting Help

So earlier I explained my frustrations of my educational angst to my oldest sister ad found her to be most helpful

She expressed the same problems with college as I do.

She is now going to try and help me find a different route so maybe I dont have to lie about school anymore.

I don’t want to be a liar and I want to be able to tell people everything I feel and think and not be shot down. Mainly my parents.

They don’t understand that I am only human and not even a smart one at that. I hate where I am right now and they don’t try to help me. They say suck it up and do it anyway. So being the good child I am. I do.

They say money can’t buy you happiness but it should could change my whole life.

My Biggest Fibb

I dont think I have ever in my life told a bigger lie than this one. I have for the last sixteen weeks been telling everyone I know that I have actually been enrolled and going to college classes. Funny thing is, I haven’t.

I have marked down all if the finals days, made up a schedule, and even have gone missing during my “class hours”. 

Why such a lie?

Well first of all I have now failed two semesters of college and it has been in all of the same classes. (Tragic i know)

What I cant understand is where in the world my motivation to learn is and why do i flat out just give up in the middle of a semester. All i have to do is battle through it and make a good enough grade to continue right?


I will tell you why.

First off I think anything past your first twelve/thirteen years of torture are enough. When you get into college all you do is take repeat classes for another four to eight years and then what?! Why cant it be like in the old days. People where good at something and took on people who wanted to be in the profession and taught them how to do the task and boom!! You are a doctor or what have you. Why do you HAVE to go to more school?

Second off I think it is a total waste of money for all of the reasons above.

Thirdly i think that a lot of great and smart people could do these jobs you need a degree for. Their only down fall? They are not book smart!!

It infuriates me to no end.

It are not the book smart people that are going to survive when the chips are down, it is the other common sense people that are going to be there. I dont hate learning. I just hate that people dont get a chance because of a letter on a piece of paper.